Monday, February 20, 2006

Where is Sidney?

Where, indeed?

Some Canadian mediots are whining because he and others like Eric Staal aren't on Team Canada. Yeah, like that's the reason they can't score on any rebounds.

Anyway, Sidney news has been few and far between as our kid takes a break and the focus is in Turin.

I was searching around and found out that has an interesting contest called 'WHERE IS SIDNEY?' (

It's basically an online and offline scavenger hunt. Find 26 Sidney icons and you could find yourself at the Stanley Cup Finals, where Sidney and the Penguins WON'T be at.

Wouldn't a Penguins autographed Sidney sweater be more appropriate? Ahh, well, it's something to do. Still, it's pretty damn hard to collect icons from a variety of sources unless you are an uber-collector or really worship Sidney.

Thanks, but I'll stick with the blog.

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