Friday, March 31, 2006

Pressure situations no sweat for Crosby

From the Pittsburgh-Post Gazette:

The Penguins knew all about Sidney Crosby's extraordinary vision before they drafted him last summer.

They were well aware of his instincts and abilities, too, the way he could handle the puck and react to plays even before they began to unfold.

After all, any scout who watched Crosby play -- and untold hundreds had, from the time he was a pre-teen in Nova Scotia -- should have come away with a pretty good grasp of the many things he can do on the ice.

What they might not have fully realized is how Crosby can ratchet up his game in conjunction with the stakes, but it's apparent as his rookie season enters its final weeks that he thrives in situations where games can be decided by a single play.


That's an impressive stat, but here's one that speaks directly to his knack for producing under pressure: Of the five games the Penguins have won in overtime or a shootout this season, Crosby has scored the deciding goal four times.
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