Thursday, March 02, 2006

Sidney Not Angry at Team Canada

There is no need to burn your bridges so early in life.

From ABC News,

Sidney Crosby's only regret about the Olympics is he won't be able to play in them for another four years, not that he was passed over for the just-concluded Winter Games.

The Penguins' rookie star declined again Wednesday to criticize Team Canada officials for bypassing him despite the Canadians' poor showing in Turin, Italy, where they failed to reach the semifinals four years after winning the gold in Salt Lake City.

"When I watched the first game, it was tough because I think that was the time I realized it's probably going to be another four years before I had the opportunity," Crosby said. "After that, I just became a fan. I was pulling for them and I wanted them to do well. It's unfortunate it didn't, but I said before Canada had a lot of expectations and they're not going to win gold every time."

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