Wednesday, April 05, 2006


Sidney Crosby's first season in the NHL is almost completely, and he's managed to put up incredible totals in the face of the proverbial building crumbling around him. I am not surprised by the numbers Crosby's put up, but I am amazed that he did so well with so little support for much of the season.

Unlike many rookies, Crosby looks like he belongs and, apart from the occassional whiny fit, there is nothing to suggest that he needs to be babied in any way. Sidney's already better than most NHL players, which is something you can't say for most rookies.

From Joe Sager of

As we near the end of the 2005-06 regular season, many people agree that Sidney Crosby has not only met expectations – he’s exceeded them.

Crosby is in the midst of one of the most-productive rookie seasons in Penguins franchise history. The 18-year-old super rookie has 34 goals, 51 assists and 85 points in 73 games.

“To me, he’s exceeded expectations. I am pretty impressed, to say the least,” Penguins radio play-by-play man Paul Steigerwald said. “You don’t really know what kind of player a kid is going to be at the age of 18 coming into this league. Despite all the hype, there is still an adjustment period the player has to go through. You look at a guy like Joe Thornton – you see how dominant he is now. He really struggled when he first came into the league and he’s a big, tall guy with a long reach. You can’t predict that a kid is going to come in and generate that kind of production.”

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