Tuesday, August 08, 2006

"Swift" Justice for Crosby Attacker

Welcome to the world of the IIHF, where it takes over 2 months to make a suspension over an on-ice incident.


ZURICH, Switzerland (AP) - Mika Hannula of Sweden has been suspended for four games and fined for his cross-check against Canada's Sidney Crosby during the IIHF world championship semifinal.

Sweden beat Canada 5-4 and went on to win the title in Riga, Latvia, by beating the Czech Republic 4-0. Hannula was suspended for the final.

The disciplinary panel found the one-game ban "not sufficient to penalize the dangerous attack," the International Ice Hockey Federation said in a statement Tuesday.

Video analysis of the game and referee reports proved that the Swede's check on Crosby came from behind and hit the right side of his neck and head, the IIHF said.

Hannula will now be suspended for the first four games of the 2007 IIHF world championship in Moscow. He was also fined 5,000 Swiss francs ($4,565 Cdn).

Hannula can appeal the decision, the statement said.

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