Friday, October 06, 2006

Opening Day: Penguins 4 - Flyers 0

There is hardly a better way for the Pittsburgh Penguins to start the season than with a 4-0 whiteout over the cross-state rivals from that philthy pit known as Philadelphia.

Sidney started off his sophomore season with a nice goal and assist combo, but the star had to be Marc-Andre Fleury who made 40 stops on the night. Unlike Philly and their Rebound Machine, the Penguins managed to get good goaltending and it made the difference.

Game Recap:
“We’re happy. It’s one and I think we have to take some things that are good and bad out of this,” Penguins center Sidney Crosby said. “We have to take the fact that we found a way to win and everyone contributed to it.”

In addition, Jim Balsillie, who signed a purchase agreement to buy the Pittsburgh Penguins, was in attendance for the contest.

“We had out focus on the game. It would have been easy to have our focus elsewhere, but we prepared pretty long time to start the season well,” Crosby said. “We had a pretty good game.”

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