Friday, January 26, 2007

Sidney Crosby: Victim of Draconian Drinking Laws

Robert over at "Eyes on the Prize", who had fantasies of Sidney Crosby in a Habs sweater, translated a story about Sidney Crosby being booted out, yet BOOTED OUT, of a Texas bar for being 'underage'.

Well, congrats on Sidney for achieving another FIRST, because he has to be the FIRST underage celeb ever kicked out of a drinking hole for being underage. Sheesh.

From Robocop:
Sometimes youth and noteriety has it's downside.

Sidney Crosby learned all about this Wednesday evening while attending a private party with all of the NHL's elite.

According to Martin Leclerc of Le Journal de Montreal, Crosby tagged along with the NHL All-Stars entourage to "The Ghost", a Dallas nightclub atop the chic W hotel.

While the NHL's leading scorer was enjoying the evening in the company of other players, some "good samiritan" pointed out to the establishments owners that Crosby was only 19.

The legal drinking age in the state of Texas is 21.

Shortly after 12:30 a.m., Crosby was asked to leave the club, even though it had been booked for the purpose of a post ASG celebration, and he is seen as the biggest star amongst the gathering.

Seemingly in Texas, the law is the law.

Unperturbed, Crosby simply hit another club in downtown Dallas, where some other players had gotten together.

Earth to Texas, you may want to join the 21st century some time. 21? From a state that promotes environmentally damaging SUV's as a size of one's manhood?

Don't expect Crosby to sign with the STARS any decade soon.

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