Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Martin Brodeur: "Crosby's, for teh winz!"

It seems Martin Brodeur is a Sidney believer, picking The Kid to be MVP rather than himself.

From The Globe and Mail:
Just because Martin Brodeur has picked Sidney Crosby as the most valuable player in the NHL, he hasn't ruled himself out of the race for the prestigious Hart Trophy.

In his weekly column in Le Journal de Montreal, the New Jersey Devils star goaltender said Crosby was the best choice for the award. But he clarified that opinion yesterday during an NHL conference call.

"When I was doing my column, it was kind of hard to pick myself," Brodeur said. "I believe he's one of the most valuable players in the league. If I had to vote and you couldn't vote for yourself, that's the guy I would be voting for."

And if he did have a vote?

"You should never vote against yourself -- that's not a good sign," he replied with a laugh.

Well, Pavol Demitra is modest enough not to vote for himself, so why can't Martin do the same?

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