Thursday, November 01, 2007

No, No, NO!!!

I'm really mad. I can't watch tonight's game against the Colorado Avalanche. Well, I suppose I could watch the game, but it doesn't even get started until 9:00pm Eastern, and I have to get up really early so I can be on time for work. DAMN EARLY MORNING COMMUTE!!! Anyways, this means there will be no original recap from me tomorrow. I'll be sure to link you to a good recap, though, so our out-of-town Friends who don't get to see the Pens on TV and rely on the Internet for their Penguins and/or Crosby fix can stay informed. Until then, I've got a handful of links for you today to pass the time. I don't do the link dropping thing very often, but I think there's some good stuff you should check out.

  • So, did you dress up yesterday for Halloween? TSCS founder Jes Golbez has some horrifying hockey themed costumes you may want to consider using next year. YIKES! All I can say is that his post is truly terrifying.

  • Loser Chris from Taking One for the Team has analyzed the data and picked the best players in the NHL for the month of October. (Tee hee, just take a wild guess who was October's best center...)

  • It's exactly who you think it is.

  • Longtime Friend of The Show and fellow Crosby blogger Eric B. investigates why Sidney was excluded from the McDonald's Hockey Cards set - again.

  • Another longtime Friend of The Show Mike H. sent in this article about Alexander Ovechkin's duty as a mentor to the rookies (no comment). He mentions Sid at the end of the article. It's not exactly news, but basically he tells us that he and Sid are different people with different styles. (REALLY?! I'll alert the authorities.)

  • And finally, the guys from The 2 Man Advantage are at it again:

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