Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Sid's Place

Today's post comes courtesy of good Friend of The Show Cassie C. She got her March issue of ESPN Magazine (you may have heard about it, haha), and she sent me this photo and the details behind it:
They asked each of their cover subjects about "MY PLACE" - the one place they loved to be. Sid's was his house in Nova Scotia because he could get away from everything there. The pic was taken on the lake the house is on.
Check out Sid's backyard:

What a view. (Um, ladies, I was talking about the lake.)

Thank you for sending that in, Cass!

Also, a commenter identified simply as "d" just gave us a link to some news about Sid's status on
Pittsburgh Penguins superstar Sidney Crosby is expected to resume skating this week, perhaps as early as Thursday. However, sources say he will not play against the Lightning Thursday evening, nor will he dress for the weekend game against the Devils.

Crosby has had soreness in his right ankle since originally suffering the injury in a January 18 game against the Lightning. He returned to the lineup on March 4 after missing 21 games, but after playing in just three games, he began experiencing soreness and has sat out the last three games.
Well, it sucks that he's going to be out for this weekend, but remember that it is MUCH better to be safe than sorry (← that's a Sidney fan's mantra right now), and I think Geno, Syko, and Malone can hold down the fort until Sid comes back. Also, Staal and Hossa worked well together in yesterday's game, so don't worry about the Pens.

On a personal note, my husband and I will be attending the season's final home game against the Flyers on April 2, so if Sid isn't back by then, I may need you all to remind me of this as I'm throwing a slight temper tantrum... :P

for the link, d!

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