Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Pens v Sens - 2007 v 2008

First things first - the Penguins' website recently posted a few new wallpapers in time for the start of the playoffs. For whatever reason, the photo was pulled from the site within a few days of its debut. Personally, I thought the photo was whimsical and didn't see anything wrong with it. Since I save literally hundreds of Pens photos on my computer, I naturally saved this one, too. I am going to make it available here to anyone who may have missed out on it. Click the pictures to view them full size. The first version is for a standard 4x3 monitor, while the second version is better suited for widescreen monitors. (You may want to download the widescreen version anyhow, as it is a much larger image so the players' faces are more clearly visible in it.)

Okay, back to that title. I thought it might be interesting to have a look back and contrast the awful lows of last year's round one defeat with the amazing highs of this year's sweeping victory over the Senators.

Remember where we were at this time last year? Here's a refresher course of the events of April 19, 2007:

Having gone through that makes the following images just that much sweeter, for the fans and (I suspect) for the players as well:
Photo courtesy of Carroll T.
Photo courtesy of Carroll T.
Photo courtesy of Carroll T.
Photo courtesy of Carroll T.
Photo courtesy of Carroll T.
Photo courtesy of Carroll T.
The former captain offers his congratulations to the current captain. Let us not forget that without Mario, this picture doesn't happen. Instead, we'd be looking at the former Penguins captain shaking the hand of the captain of the [*gulp*] Kansas City Penguins.

What a difference a year makes!!!! I want to thank good Friend of The Show Carroll T. for sending in the awesome photos of the final handshake from yesterday's game. She sent me very literally dozens (maybe hundreds!) of photos and a few videos. I will be posting some of those a little later this week, and let me tell you, don't miss it because she got a few phenomenal closeup shots of the Saint.

THANK YOU, Carroll!!!!!!! :) :) :)

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