Saturday, August 02, 2008

This Is How You Remind Me

UGH. I hate Nickelback, but I couldn't help but immediately think of those words when I got the next two pictures in my email. We're all so desperate for hockey right now that it seems like there are signs popping up everywhere that are making us think about the Penguins, particularly the Kid.

Friend of The Show Rho M. sent in this picture for us. She said, "I just got back from NYC where I snapped this picture of another 'Crosby St.' ...but you'll notice this one is 'one way' - pointing to the right it's so 'the right way' and the little walking-man-dude is heading that direction too. Woot!"

Friend of The Show Julie M. sees this sign every day on her running route:

Switching gears a bit, Friend of The Show Jan M. sent in another drawing of our title man:

In addition to her latest drawing, Jan sent in a tip for us. Recall that we featured a clip from an upcoming DVD about the Saint called Sidney Crosby - On the Ice and Beyond. Well, you now you can preorder the DVD on (As an added bonus, you save a couple dollars for preordering!)

Finally today, here is TSCS's Quote of The Day:
"American hockey players are bilingual - they speak English and profanity."

~ "Mr. Hockey" Gordie Howe

"F#@% YOU! Oh, wait - I'm Canadian..."
A big thanks go out to Rho, Julie, and Jan for their help with today's post!!!

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