Friday, July 25, 2008

Taking The Easy Way Out

I want to start out with my sincerest apologies for the lameness that is about to be this post, but I've got a job interview tomorrow (I've never had one on a Saturday morning, haha!) for which I must get ready. The economy isn't exactly booming right now, and the company where I work is facing mounting financial difficulties. They've been cutting people left and right, and I figure it's only a matter of time until the owner (who hates computers and thinks they're a nuisance) decides that the IT department is an "unnecessary expense." Longtime readers know I've been casually looking for a new gig for a while now, but about 3 weeks ago, I was given a pretty good reason to start pounding the pavement - my supervisor found another job. I figured that was my cue to get busy and amp up my own search to get out. As always, I'll keep you posted and let you know how I make out tomorrow...

A cool photo of the man - since this is his Show. :)

I haven't really had a lot of time recently (for reasons I just explained, haha!) to surf the usual hockey blogs, but I checked a few out today on my lunch and wanted to pass the links to some good reads along to you. Oh, and there's one random link I wanted to share:
  • Since most of you were as pumped about The Dark Knight as I was, I wanted to let you know that some genius made the trailer into a FREE screensaver. It's extremely cool - but there is no sound. Even so, it's pretty sweet to have the actual video playing as your screensaver! (FYI - If it doesn't work, update your video drivers.)
  • Seth over at Empty Netters has been working overtime recently. He's written a series that takes an in depth look at the Pens' 2008-09 schedule and analyzes "Why You'll Watch." I have to admit that I haven't made my way through all of them yet, but he's got it all covered: October, November, December, January, February, March, and April. If EN isn't on your list of daily reads before you check this series out, it will be when you're done.
We'll be watching this guy, but not the guy on the right. (Look closely - that's Mark Recchi.)
Now I leave you with TSCS's Quote of The Day:
When Miroslav Satan puts his credit card out to pay bills, he says "They ask me, 'Is this really your name?'" His standard response:

"Only in America."
Satan takes then-Pens goalie Sabastien Caron to school on a shootout.

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