Friday, July 11, 2008

This Is What Happens When There's No Hockey

With their last two posts, the guys over at have been trying so hard to fight the boredom that they've been looking for Pens references in old rap videos. I'll catch you up on what they've found so far first, then I'll add one that comes from a brand new rap song that Friend of The Show Cia G. sent me to a few days ago that I've been holding for a slow, boring day (like today, haha).

First up, tPB found A Tribe Called Quest's "Keep It Rollin'". In the song, rapper Phife Dawg makes a nod to Le Magnifique's loyalty to our beloved Pittsburgh Penguins. Here are the lyrics:
...But if you feel you can swing it, then money please bring it
(sup) Large Professor in the house (sup)
(sup) You know how we do (sup)
(sup) I stay on your crew (sup)
(whassup) like Mario Lemieux (whassup)
(Whassup?) Peace to Ike Love
(Sup? Hah hah) and the rest of the crew (Whassup?)
(Whassup?) I meet you guys in front the cleaners
Bring the blunts and the brew so...
Check out the song for yourself:

Then they pointed out that rapper Snoop Dogg rocked a Penguins jersey in his "Gin and Juice" video. It's customized with the number 94 (the year the song was released) and the nameplate "Gin and Juice." (That picture is on tPB courtesy of Mike Costa.) You'll see it in the video below:

Now here's the new one that Cia found. It's from the upcoming Busta Rhymes album expected to be called "Blessed." The song is called "Throw It Up" and happens to include a reference to our title man. Here are the lyrics:
So I will be drivin' like Ricky Bobby
It's my [prerogative] like Whitney's Bobby
I'm skatin' on blades like Sidney Crosby (That's hot)
Sharper than a ginsu shawty
You not Beyonce, but I can get you body
Check out the song below, BUT BE WARNED - it contains some strong language. Since this song hasn't yet been released, I couldn't locate the radio edit, so all the F-bombs, N-words, and other swears are uncensored in the version below. The part about the Saint comes at about the 1:15 mark:

LATE EDIT: Most likely due to the fact that the song has not yet been released, it was pulled from the source I was using to stream it. Just wait a month or two - the album "Blessed" is due out some time next month.

And finally today, I'll leave you with a photo sent in by Friend of The Show Apple L. Here's a quick explanation, followed by the picture:
I took the picture (attached) on highway 87 near Jersey City in the early evening of July 4th. See "Sidney", "Crosby" and 279 (highway in Pittsburgh) on the truck!

WHOA! (Click to enlarge for a supersized image.)

Many thanks to both Cia and Apple for the help with today's post! :)

Remember: PROJECT PICTURES ARE DUE THIS SATURDAY!!! If you're new to The Show, you can get all the details about the project here. You should know that the original plan was for you to take a picture of yourself in your Pens gear with your country/state/provincial flag, but it has since evolved quite a bit. You can choose to be in the photo or not. All that is required is that you have some Pens gear or posters with your local flag or a local landmark. The point of the project is to thank the Penguins (past and present) for all they've given us over the years AND to show the rest of the NHL teams that

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