Sunday, July 06, 2008

Hockey Hall of Fame - A Virtual Tour for Pens Fans

Longtime good Friend of The Show (and part-time TSCS translator) Lisa-Marie W. took a road trip to Toronto's Hockey Hall of Fame with her father yesterday. She sent in some amazing pictures for us. I've used her own words to caption each photo. Enjoy!

1. The display as you walk in--I couldn't help it!

2. The ...ahem...traitor's gloves that he wore in the Stanley Cup FINALS. Oy.


4. This is how we in Montreal know le Maginifique--as a proud Laval Hurricane, this was in his MINOR hockey days. He hadn't even made Major Junior yet when he wore this sweater!

5. The Gronk's jersey for the 2006-2007 IIHF Championships (Canada won gold, Army got the GWG)

6. Okay, so I was SO careful not to touch this thing. I'm shamed to admit it, but I'm possibly the only person on the planet that is more superstitious that Sidney is. It's sad.

[snoop: HAHAHA, I love that you wore the white gloves but still didn't touch it!]

7. The Prince of Wales trophy. No fingerprints on it ;)

8. The Hart, up close! Kinda phallic, don't you think?

9. On the Hart--notice anyone special? :-D

10. 2005-2006 IIHF men's championships. Canada got a disappointing fourth place, but somehow Sidney STILL lead the entire tournament in points.

11. Autographed jersey from when Mario captained the Baby Pens in an exhibition game

[snoop: On 9-22-01, Mario played in a preseason game during which the Wilkes Barre/Scranton Baby Penguins went up against the Pittsburgh Penguins, with Mario captaining the Baby Pens. Mario had 1 goal in the game, helping the Baby Pens win the game 4-3. The picture below is a screenshot of Mario just after he scored his goal.]

12.HAHA. I couldn't RESIST. Wouldn't this make a killer mural? It was HUGE.

13....notice another name? :)

14. *bows down*

Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU for sharing these pictures with us, Lis!!! :)

REMINDER: I've gotten a few more project pictures. (They're all really great!) You've got until this coming Saturday to get them in to me if you want to be included in the post!!! In case you've either missed it or forgotten, here's all the details of our TSCS Summer Project.

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