Thursday, July 10, 2008

A Virtual Tour of the Western PA Sports Museum

I got an email this morning from good Friend of The Show Ali W. She, too, took a summer hockey-themed road trip:
I know you just got some pictures from the Hall of Fame in Toronto (I actually read the post the day I was going there) but I thought I'd send a few of my own from [when I] visited the Western Pennsylvania Sports Museum, which is in the Heinz History Center in Pittsburgh. They had a little Pens section of their own. All of the pictures I'm sending are from there since pictures from the Hall have already been posted... :)
Here are Ali's photos with her captions (where applicable):

#108: Sid's stick

#109: Close up of the stick

#111: When Ryan Malone :( scored his first career hat trick as a Penguin in 2006, these hats were thrown onto the ice. They had a lot at this museum about Malone being a 'native son.'

#112: Close up of the hats. There were some interesting ones...

#120: Sticks belonging to (from L - R) : Mario Lemieux, Jaromir Jagr, Tom Barrasso, Ron Francis, Ryan Malone, Marc Andre Fleury

#127: Banner commemorating the game when Lemieux scored 5 goals in every way possible. It was voted the #7 best Pittsburgh sports memory.

#132: Sid's picture on the side of the FSN Pittsburgh beans. :)

#283: They have the "fat head" of Sid at the Museum...I had to take a picture with it!!! :)
[snoop: Holy FRICK!!! I figured those Fatheads were pretty big, but WOW!]

Thanks SOOOOO much for the photos, Ali! :D

I just want to say that it's really great to get photos like these from Ali, the ones Lisa-Marie W. sent from the Hockey HoF in Toronto, and the ones Bill in NS sent from the Sidney Crosby exhibit that was in Nova Scotia this May since a lot of our Friends are global and aren't able to make the journey to our side of the Earth to see these places for themselves. :)

REMINDER - TSCS Summer Project: Pens gear + your country/state/provincial flag or a local landmark = Project Picture. KEEP 'EM COMING!!! Send your project picture to You've got until this coming Saturday to send one in if you'd like to be included. :)

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