Monday, July 14, 2008

Our Completed TSCS Summer Project

Over the years, the Pittsburgh Penguins have filled each one of us at varying times with joy, uncertainty, delight, dread, elation, disappointment, happiness, rage, thrills, frustration, satisfaction, and pride. Every member of the Penguins organization, past and present, has given us so much - especially Mario - and in return, we wanted to say "Thanks for everything!" to the Penguins. We talked about it at the end of this season and ultimately decided that the best way we could pay tribute to them here on The Show would be to post pictures of ourselves displaying our patriotism to our team and to our homelands so we can show that Pens fans inhabit all corners of the globe.

Thus was born TSCS Summer Project. I spent all day yesterday editing, uploading, and captioning the pictures you sent in. (Just to clarify, the only editing I did to the photos was to enhance the colors where necessary or to make one big image when someone sent in several pictures. I did not alter the integrity of any photograph sent to me.) Click all images below to see all the details in the larger versions.

And now, without further ado, here are all the project entries:

We'll start TSCS Project pictures out with the picture from the Friend who inspired this project in the first place, Dave D. from England!!! :) :) :) :) :)

This is my project! It features all of my favorite guys. :) From left to right we've got Logan sporting Sid's Penguins jersey from his rookie year; Connor is wearing Sid's Winter Classic threads; We put Sid's Rimouski Oceanic jersey (the pride and joy of my collection, by the way) on Link; then to complete the picture, Baylee is wearing my Snoopy jersey (he's got it on backwards, haha!). My husband is sporting his favorite Lemieux jersey and some ridiculous glasses I got him as a gag gift when we were dating, hahahahahahahaha!!!

(BTW, you have NO IDEA how much work it was to get the dogs into those jerseys and then to get them to stand in a way that I was able to see all of their backs, haha! My husband's smile looks pained because he was saying, "Hurry, Logan is getting ready to run!" through his teeth as I snapped this picture.)

My husband really got into it after I took my project picture of him with our boys. He decided to take over our dining room and create one of his own. :) I don't know if you can tell, but that Russian Penguins jersey (the one in the frame surrounded by all the ticket stubs) is signed by Le Magnifique. His signature is located just above the penguin's shoulder on the left side. Needless to say, that is the pride and joy of his collection. Anyhoo, his patriotism came in the form of a Pens shirt that said "American Pride" on it with a flag and the Pens' logo, but it sort of got lost in all the stuff on the table. :P

Vanessa D. flies her favorite flag in Pittsburgh.

Schuyler S. from Hometown, PA said, "These pictures represent me, my Cocker Spaniel, Rupert, Tamaqua/Hometown (the coal-region town where I am from), and my love of the Penguins and my future husband Geno =)."

Terri A. and her friend Sarah from DuBois, PA took their pictures with an amazing American flag quilt that Sarah made.

Marta B. sent this one in all the way from Madrid, Spain!

Michelle G. from Manitoba, Canada sent in a picture of her bedroom wall. sent a picture of a furry representative to show love from Ontario, Canada.

ReneeDC holds the flags of Washington (the state where she grew up) and Maryland (the state where she now resides) in front of the Capitol Building in Washington, DC.

Rhonda M. sends her Penguins love from the Saint's hometown in the Cole Harbour/Halifax area of Nova Scotia, Canada.

Julia M. has both flags because she's Canadian but lives in the USA. She said, "I had to represent for both, of course."

Kim K. shows off her loyalty to Sid, Texas, and Nova Scotia.

Maria T. hails from Toronto, Ontario, Canada but spends her summers in Sid's old stomping grounds up in Nova Scotia, Canada.

Elizabeth C. is standing in front of the PA State Capitol Building in Harrisburg, PA.

Jaime from St. Louis, Missouri stands in front of the famous Arch.

Jennifer D. supports the Pens in Ontario, Canada.

Jill E. from Maryland said, "My entire room is covered in Pens pictures so it was hard to find a good place to take the pic!"

Amber H. sent me an email that said this, "I didn't have a Canadian flag, but I had pants. Hopefully it works." Haha, I thought this was great. :)

Clare L. is shown in front of the American side of Niagara Falls. My husband and I honeymooned in Niagara Falls, Canada in 2001. It is beautiful.

We've got a group effort here! Danielle is the one wearing the black, short sleeve Crosby t-shirt with brown hair and pink flip-flops. Micaela is the one with jeans, a plain black t-shirt and sunglasses on; she is also holding the I love 87 sign. Jackie is the one with the white, long-sleeved Crosby t-shirt wearing shorts. And finally, Ashley is wearing the black Penguins sweatshirt with long, curlyish hair. They call themselves the Fabulous Four ♥ and they hail from Terryville, Connecticut. She explains why they chose these locations: "We took a picture in front of our brand new high school, which is the newest in Connecticut and in front of the Terryville Fair Sign. The Terryville Fair is the biggest event all year, and we thought that maybe that would be a good picture."

1wingangel (Kaitlin) from PA and her twin Nicole G. show off their Penguins pride.

Adrienne F. from Marystown, Newfoundland made this Canadian flag collage for her project picture.

(Top row, L to R) Ali W. from Greencastle, PA in front of the second largest oak tree in Pennsylvania. The tree is over 350 years old, 84 feet tall, has a 90 foot crown, and a 16'10'' inch circumference. The second shot is some of her Pens stuff with the American and Pennsylvania flags. (Bottom row, L to R) McCullough's Tavern is now the Greencastle, PA downtown laundromat. It is rumored to have been the dining place of the first President of the USA, George Washington. You can see the original log structure of the above said building in the second picture.

Alyse from Virginia let her picture do the talking.

These pictures came from Alyssa. She said, "The first pic is my two brothers (Andrew and Adam) and my Penguins stuff. Adam gladly donated his stuff for the pic, but Andrew is in NAVY training in Pensacola so I just "borrowed" his stuff. The other picture is of my family's turtle. We named him Jarkko Ruutu so I thought he counts as Pens stuff!" She's from PA.

AustinLovesCrosby hails from Austin, Texas. She said, "Y'all know everything's bigger in Texas and I'm the biggest Sidney Crosby fan!"

Daily Su lives in Woodinville, Washington, which is well known for its wineries. Too bad Sid's still got to wait a few more weeks until he can sample the Crosby Cabernet!!! ;)

Pens87Fan71 (the artist formally known as Lexie101) took her photos at the PA State Capitol Building in Harrisburg, PA. In the first picture, she's standing with one foot on her hometown and the other on Pittsburgh on a big marble map that was near the Capitol Building. She is shown in some of these pictures with her friend Lizzy and her two young cousins in front of a building by the capital that had Pittsburgh on it.

XdancexxforxxmeX and her friend Paige sent in this picture. (LATE EDIT: She just left her details in the comments below: "I'm (me as in Jordan) the one on the right, and we are from Queensbury NY. No you've probably never heard of it, but it's next to Glens Falls, Lake George, and 15 min's north of Saratoga Springs.")

These adorable little kiddies belong to Mike @ Japan.

Stephanie S. from Nashville, TN shares the adventures of Sidney Penguin (she made that whole penguin herself!) with us. You just HAVE to enlarge this one to read the story. It's adorable!!! :)

Lauren H. from Cranberry Township, PA took her Pens gear on tour. About the pictures on the left: (Top) "My sister and I on Main Street U.S.A. in the Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World – that’s Cinderella’s Castle behind us!" (Bottom) "My siblings and I with Mickey! This was at Chef Mickey’s, a restaurant inside the Contemporary Resort at Walt Disney World, which explains Mickey’s attire." And those pictures on the right: "I took my Penguins pride all the way to Virginia Beach with me!"

WOW. I just don't even know what to say to close out this post. Yes I do - a thousand thank yous to all the Friends who participated. I hope you all had as much fun with this as I did!!! :D


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