Tuesday, July 22, 2008

I Wish My Parents Were This Cool When I Was A Kid

So by now, you all know I like to hold onto some of the stuff you send me during the off-season for a rainy day (← read: when there's no news about the Saint). Well, here's an email I received from Friend of The Show Sarah G. last week:
I'm from Nova Scotia and my little cousin Aidan is a HUGE hockey fan, and a huge Sidney Crosby fan. Aidan is 7 years old and has been playing hockey for three years now (he's a Timbit), he plays hockey in Salmon River N.S. (the original "Hockeyville" Rink), his favourite team is the Habs, he has one uncle in the N.S. Sports Hall of Fame (Sonny MacDonald), another uncle who was drafted by the Blackhawks back in the day (Hughie MacDonald), and his birthday happens to be on August 7th (Crosby's birthday). Needless to say the boy thinks it's a sign about his future hockey career.

Recently Aidan was able to redecorate his bedroom, so he along with his dad decided to make it look like a hockey rink. I thought I would send along the pictures so that you could see the awesomeness that is my little cousins new bedroom. Here's what they did:

Painted the floor white, with centre lines, and painted a red line around the room for the 'boards'...

Sponge painted people in the 'stands'...

His dad asked him to pick 7 of his favourite teams and he would paint their logos for the boarder... Aidan of course chose 14...

Above the closet door it says 'visitor's and above the room door it says 'home'...

There is a Crosby 87 logo above the window...

A goal net in the corner...

Hockey sticks for curtain rods...

And of course several Crosby posters and Aidan's Crosby jersey, oh.. and one of those foose'ball hockey game things.

His new bedroom goes very well with the rink that his dad painted on the basement floor :) P.S. The dryer is well out of the way of the basement rink.
Then today, I got an email from Friends Allison and Randy O. with pictures of their baby son's nursery:
I just wanted to send along some pictures of our son's Winter Classic-themed nursery. His name, by the way, is Benton Crosby-Patrick. We painted the room using the colors from the jersey.

We had our tattoo artist friend (Pat K. at Flesh Mechanics, if you're into tattoos) paint the logo on the wall-- needless to say he did an amazing job!

My husband and I scoured the Internet and area Giant Eagles for pictures from that game.

We also hung a few posters of penguins (the actual animal) and have random stuffed penguins throughout the room.

Along with pictures of the room, I had to send a long a picture of the proud owner of that room as well! I have to say, I REALLY hope he grows up to be a Penguin fan!

Oh my gosh! What a little CUTIE!!! And the black and gold T-shirt was a good wardrobe choice. ;)

Many thanks to Sarah, Aidan, Allison, Randy, and Benny for letting us take a peek into their respective hockey bedrooms. :)

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