Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Catching Up With the Roamers (part 3)

I need to start this post with an apology to good Friend of The Show Alyse. She was the one who provided the recent translations of Mad Max Talbot's RDS blog. I misidentified her in all three parts, and I feel so bad about it! So a pair of thank yous go out to Alyse for those translations and to Ali W. for pointing out my error! :)

Now back to our Catching Up With the Roamers. (Click all of the following pictures to enlarge them.) Recently, Sidney Penguin headed up north for some fun with Friend of The Show Amanda T.:
I'm from Buffalo, and I've had my Sidney Penguin for a few weeks now, but I'm pregnant, so I had to make hay while the sun shone and do stuff around the house for the arrival of the baby. Anyhoo, today I finally got out with my friend Stacy. We took Sidney to Niagara Falls.

Pic471: He's arrived! Sidney Penguin waits patiently until Amanda checks her mail.

Pic472: Sidney is all buckled up and ready to go on his first adventure!

Pic473: Sidney waits for his food before driving up to Niagara Falls. It took a long time to find an adequate supply of fresh shrimp, squid, and fish for him, but he said it was worth the wait!

Pic474: We finally arrive at Niagara Falls State Park and Sidney excitedly looks over what there is to do.

Pic476: Sidney checks out the points of interest from the big map inside the Visitor's Center.

Pic477: On our way out to the Falls, Sidney begs us to stop and make a souvenir penny. He turned the crank all by himself!

Pic479: Sid balances his new penny on his stick to show it off.

Pic480: Sidney is so excited to see the Falls for the first time, he can hardly contain himself!

Pic481: Sid takes a reflective moment to gaze at the wonder and beauty of the Falls.

Pic482: Sidney wanted a closer view of the Falls, so we let him look through the observation tool which magnifies everything so you feel like you're right there!

Pic483: Sidney wanted to take a boat ride on the Maid of the Mist, but we were afraid they wouldn't have rain coats small enough to fit him. He insisted he would be fine, since he is a water bird, after all, but we didn't want anything bad to happen to him, so we stayed on shore.

Pic484: While we were in the gift shop, Sidney found a friend to talk to!

Pic486: When he saw this New York State license plate with his name on it, Sidney asked us nicely to buy it for him as a memento of his wonderful visit to Niagara Falls!

Also from the Buffalo area, Friend of The Show Carlie D. snapped a picture of Sidney Penguin after the arrival of his new friend, Jordan Penguin:
I got a Jordan penguin! I took a picture of Jordan and Sidney sitting on my fuzzy Sabres hat that just so happens to be in the Winter Classic mural!

S.P. then headed south to catch a special game with Friend of The Show Heidi S.:
Tonight Sidney Penguin went to see the Baby Pens play in Wilkes-Barre! Unfortunately the boys lost in the overtime shootout on the very last shooter of the five round shootout. But he did see Janne Pesonen score an awesome breakaway goal (he also scored the only goal for the Pens in the shootout)!! Another familiar name, Jeff Taffe, added a goal as well, as did Chris Minard. It was a little hard to find somewhere to pose, but this is Sidney in front of center ice at the Wachovia Arena.

Many thanks to Amanda, Carlie, and Heidi for sending in these pictures! (And congrats to Amanda for the impending arrival!!!) Stay tuned! I've got more Roaming Penguins pics to share with you this week.

The Pens face the San Jose Sharks tonight. Since this game will not even start until 10:30, I will not be recapping this one. I suggest checking out a recap from one of these fine sites:

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GO PENS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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