Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Pens v Red Wings (W 7-6 OT)

  • Fact: The Red Wings handed the Penguins their first ever Stanley Cup finals loss.
  • Fact: Even though Marian Hossa went to the dark side, he doesn't want us to take his departure personally.
  • Fact: The "rematch" has a ton of new faces - mostly in Black and Gold.
  • Fact: We want the WIN. Not an overtime win. Not a shootout win. A win.

  • A big see-Hossa-this-is-what-you're-missing win.

    A HUGE KCJacoby-better-start-a-blog-because-snoop-WILL-win-the-bet-this-season win. ;)

    Not. This. Year.

    What follows may be the Quote of the Year for 2008:
    Ali said...

    For some reason I'm feeling optimistic all the sudden -- There's still 20 minutes of hockey left -- Possibly I'm 100% off my rocker, but really -- maybe the Pens can turn this thing around... :)

    Nov 11, 2008 8:46:00 PM
    BOOYAH!!!!!!!!!!! What a feeling and what a comeback!!!

    FYI - my apologies for the lack of photos, but as of right now, there are just 2 pictures posted on the internet taken at this game.


    Both teams played well in the first five minutes or so of the game. It was good end-to-end hockey. Sid nearly split the Red Wings' defense at one point, while Marc-Andre Fleury made a sweet save on none other than Marian Hossa. Siddo must have finally gone to Dick's - Miroslav Satan got the puck to Mad Max Talbot as Sid rushed the net for the deflection. [Pens 1, Wings 0]

    The good times seemingly kept coming for the Pens as Johan Franzen was penalized for hooking. But it was almost a bad thing as two Red Wings went 2-on-1 shorthanded towards Flower. Fortunately, Alex Goligoski made an awesome diving block to prevent the Wings from getting a shot on goal. The Pens did not score on their advantage. Things then got a little worse for the Pens as Eric Godard was called for an elbow, and Rob Scuderi blocked a powerful shot from Nicklas Lidstrom with his foot. Scudsie immediately dropped to the ice writhing in pain. At first he couldn't get up, but eventually he did leave the ice under his own power. We then were told that Troy Crosby is in the Joe watching his only son in action. The Red Wings didn't score on their power play.

    After Flower stoned Henrik Zetterberg and Chris Osgood returned the favor against the Saint, the Red Wings made their first mark on the board with a goal that was scored when Kris Letang batted the puck out of the air over to the intended receiver Mad Max Talbot, but instead Darren McCarty swooped in, stole the puck, and scored.

    The Red Wings got the go ahead goal on a power play that came when Mike Zigomanis was called for tripping. Scuds came back out to the ice in time for the penalty kill, but Hossa passed to Lidstrom for a shot that went into the net with a redirection from Tomas Holmstrom. [Pens 1, Wings 2] With only 31.2 seconds left in the period, Gogo was called for hooking.


    The Wings had a minute and a half left with a man advantage, but it didn't take that long for them to strike again. Brooks Orpik was in front of MAF when a pass got tangled up in his feet. The puck managed to get to Franzen, who was left unchallenged. Of course he scored. [Pens 1, Wings 3]

    Immediately as Gogo's penalty ended with a PPG, Letang was given 2:00 for high sticking. Fortunately, the Pens killed the penalty. Unfortunately, Daryl Sydor took a high stick from Brian Rafalski that did not get called. Then Petr Sykora threw the puck to the net from the corner. It bounced off Osgood and then Mad Max and went over the line. [Pens 2, Wings 3]

    The Pens had a 3-on-1 chance that was foiled, but they ended up drawing a hooking penalty on Andreas Lilja. The Pens didn't score on their advantage, and frankly, they were lucky that Hossa, who stole the puck and went 1-on-1, didn't score either. We were told at this point that Scudsie was gone for the rest of the game. (I'm beginning to think that someone's got voodoo dolls of all our defenders...)

    Geno Malkin and Ruslan Fedotenko had a give and go moment that (for whatever reason) was not capped off with a shot on goal. After an extended period of offensive possession for the Red Wings, Pavel Datsyuk capitalized on a tired Penguins team and scored. If you're keeping score, this one, too, came with an assist from Hossa. [Pens 2, Wings 4]


    Early on in the third, MAF made a nice save on Datsyuk. Siddo was given a penalty for interference, which prompted the crowd to cheer almost as heartily as if the Wings had scored a goal as the arena played Amy Winehouse's "You Know I'm No Good" and a bell tolled for him. (WTF? Lame.) Zetterberg capitalized on the advantage. [Pens 2, Wings 5]

    Franzen was called for holding. Six seconds into the Pens' power play, Valtteri Filppula was called for hooking. Somehow, Osgood made a huge save on Syko. But after a key timeout, Geno blasted a shot into the back of the net. [Pens 3, Wings 5]

    The Pens still had 0:44 left with a man advantage, but they did not get another power play goal. HOWEVER, a minute or two later, there was a forced turnover in the Red Wings' zone. The hardworking Jordan Staal put the Pens within a goal to give his team a chance. [Pens 4, Wings 5]

    But then a few minutes later, Jiri Hudler fired a shot from the point that looked like MAF was going to be able to block, but the puck rolled over him, bounced off his back, and just out of reach of Letang. [Pens 4, Wings 6] In response to the goal, the crowd started a "FLEUR-y! FLEUR-y! FLEUR-y!" chant. In response to the chant, Flower made another key save on Hossa.

    But then after a battle in front, Gronk again brought his team within one goal. (It is about time that all his efforts are being rewarded!) [Pens 5, Wings 6] In the last 2:30 of the game, Osgood denied Sid's shot from one knee with a pad save. With 1:04 left, MAF was pulled in favor of the extra attacker. Osgood again stoned Siddo's backhand spinnerama shot. But Gronk would not be denied. With less than 25 seconds left, he scored the goal that gave him a hat trick. [Pens 6, Wings 6]

    They didn't throw hats for Staal in Detroit, so I'll "toss" this virtual hat for him on behalf of TSCS! :)

    In the last seconds, Gronk was sailing down the ice trying for goal number 4 and instead ended up drawing a hooking penalty on Rafalski. It would help out as we headed to...


    I literally had trouble remembering to breathe during the 4-on-3. The Pens didn't capitalize on their advantage during the power play, but Gronk - who should be star of the fricking MONTH - picked Datsyuk's pocket for a 2-on-1 with Raggedy Ruslan, who scored the game winning goal. [Pens 7, Wings 6] It's only fitting that, after dominating the game, Jordan would be the catalyst for the win. :)

    GO PENS!!!!!!!!!!!!

    (Thank yous go out to Friends of The Show Michelle B. and Jan M. for the links and to KCJacoby for the Cup photoshop! The recap is coming after game.)


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