Monday, November 03, 2008


Holy mother of pearl!!!

Take a look at these:

Yes. That is exactly who you think it is checking out and autographing the back of his Roaming Penguin counterpart. These pictures (and several more that I will be downloading and color correcting tomorrow) came to us courtesy of 1WingAngel and her twin sister, Nicole G. I read their email and just had to get these two photos up right away. Here is a video that their father shot of their encounter with Flower (1WingAngel is in the striped top, Nicole is in the Pens hoodie, and that's their mom in the green jacket):

I. LOVE. THIS. BLOG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D

You know you want to see it one more time...

Thank you SO, SO, SO MUCH to 1WingAngel and Nicole!

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