Saturday, November 01, 2008


And The Friends' Zone breathes a collective sigh of relief...

Bad things happen when I don't watch games - I was visiting with my sister who came in from out of town - so I think I need to make a serious effort to never miss another Pens game. EVER. ;) But it isn't nearly as bad as the last time because, according to the Pens' website, Siddo is playing tonight!!
Sidney Crosby will play against the St. Louis Blues on Saturday night despite suffering an undisclosed injury two days ago.

Crosby left Pittsburgh's matchup on Thursday against the Phoenix Coyotes after two shifts in the third period when he felt "discomfort." He did not return in that game.

Crosby was listed as day-to-day but skated in the team's morning skate on Saturday morning and will suit up against the Blues.
I don't know about you, but I hate this "undisclosed injury" policy the Pens have adopted. While it makes perfect sense and intellectually I understand why they are so tight lipped, it drives me absolutely fricking crazy!!!

Crosby. Doesn't. Stop.

Now listen up because I've got a rare opportunity for you: 1WingAngel and her twin sister, Nicole G., left this comment in The Friends' Zone:
Marc-Andre Fleury is going to be at the BC Sports store at Ross Park Mall for one hour on Sunday. I've registered to go, and while I'm there, I plan to give him a card which Nicole and I are making. We'd like to involve you in the message we're sending to the Pens. If you'd like us to include a friendly hello from you or a shoutout to your favorite Penguin, let me know by emailing me at Please be sure to tell me how to refer to you in the card, either by sending me a small digital photo or giving your name. If you'd like to be involved, the deadline is this Saturday at 5 PM.
If you'd like to say send a quick note to Flower, email 1WingAngel and Nicole and let them know what you'd like to add to the card - but make it fast! You only have a few hours today to think of a clever way to thank Flower for all the hard work and SACRIFICE! ;)

Some days are better than others. They say that you'll have good ones and bad ones. I had a pair of bad ones on Thursday and yesterday, but I'm feeling better today. I went out to dinner and shopping with a friend last night, and by the end of the night, he had me laughing so hard I was snorting through my nose (like a pig), so I feel so much better today. I'm putting the finishing touches on the finale of the Catching Up With the Roamers series and have begun work on a massive collection of amazing fan photos from this season. Thanks for bearing with me through all of this. You guys are amazing. :)


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