Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Catching Up With the Roamers (part 4)

Time for a few more Roaming Penguin stories today! First up, because of the multiple Roamers posts, a lot of new Friends have been writing to find out where they can get their hands on one of these little guys. You can get all the order info here - and don't forget a portion of each sale goes to the Mario Lemieux Foundation!!!

Now, back to the matter at hand: Sidney Penguin went to Eastern Pennsylvania to spend some time with Friend of The Show April H. (click all pictures to enlarge):
Here are some of the adventures SP went on after he arrived at my home in New Holland, PA. I live in Lancaster Co with the Amish, but I am not Amish.

Piano: SP found the piano in my house and wanted to sing a few songs ...

Lunch Box: SP went along with my friend and I to Akron Park in Lancaster County PA to watch us play Frisbee golf. We had him facing the opposite direction of where we were throwing because the throws were too embarrassing to have him witness them. He was carried through the course in his special SP carrying case so as not to get souvenirs on his feet from all the ducks ...

Ducks: Sid enjoyed watching the ducks with us after the game ...

Apple: I introduced the art of making applesauce to SP and noticed a Siamese apple just about as big as he was!

Covered Bridge: On my day off doing errands around the county we stopped by a covered bridge (most if not all are red) and most are one lane across. SP is in the lower left corner on the stone in front of the bridge.

Cat's Back Sign: The road with the covered bridge is called Cat's Back Road (there is a hill nearby called Cat's Back). The writing under the sign is "Pennsylvania Dutch" which is ironic since most Amish did not come from Holland .. they came from Germany .. and speak "low German" .. but I gave Sidney a speech lesson on how to "Dutchify" the English language to sound like an Amish person.

Mennonite Buggy: I pointed out the many buggies (MANY buggies) to SP and explained to him the difference between the Amish and Mennonite buggies. (Amish are gray, Mennonites are black) And Sid being the tourist he is wanted to get a pic .. so I drove at 2 mph to get a good shot and so as not to hurt him while trying to get this pic. Good thing Mario P wasn't there or I'm sure he would have gotten a lecture on being more careful ...

Seatbelt: SP wore his seatbelt for the trip except for when he wanted the buggy pic ... just like a good little penguin

Mascot Mill Sign: SP had this bad habit of wanting to be on the tops of high signs and had fallen once off this sign before I had a chance to take this pic ...

Mascot Mill Bench: Since SC likes to fish, I took SP to the place where I was taken to go fishing when I was growing up. It was a nice break from our busy errand running and we got to enjoy the leaves and the river for a little before it was time to continue our journey ...

Intercourse, PA: Ah the mecca of all Amish touristy things ... I got a pic of him with the sign for him to show to his friends back home.

Anyway I hope you enjoyed them! [snoop: I absolutely did, April!]
Sidney Penguin is a busy bird! He then headed back up north to visit Friend of The Show Evans87 in Kemptville, Ontario:
I was delighted to receive my penguin! There is one picture of Sidney Penguin with my Sidney collage as the backdrop...

...and also one of myself with my penguin.

I go to school every day, so I may not do as much interesting things with my penguin as the next person, but Sidney Penguin still needs his sleep.

Sidney Penguins also loves my Sidney T-shirt! GO PENS GO!

Kemptville, Ontario, got our first snow fall of the season, and Sidney begged me to take him out to play! So out we went!

How can I say no to that face?

Haha, the shots of S.P. making snow angels are classic! Thanks so much to April and Evans87 for sharing their great pictures. I've got one more Catching Up With the Roamers post to go and then I'll be back on top of the Roaming Penguin situation. After that, I'm going to start tackling the game day pictures I've gotten over the past few weeks. There are some AMAZING shots to share - I can't wait for you to see them! (I'm slowly but surely getting back into the swing of things...)

I'll close today with a big announcement involving good Friend of The Show Tony F., whom you probably know from The Confluence of The Three Rivers. As of today, he's now part of the legendary Kukla's Korner team!!! Many congratulations are in order! He'll be providing the same great Pens coverage at The Confluence on Kukla's Korner. To make it easy for you to find him, I've already changed his link in the blogroll, too. :) Sláinte agus táinte, Tony!!! :)

The Pens lost 1-2 to the San Jose Sharks last night. >:( They have the night off tonight to travel to Pheonix to face the Coyotes tomorrow night at 10:00pm Eastern.

GO PENS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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