Sunday, November 16, 2008

Sydor Out, Boucher In

It should come as no surprise that veteran defenseman Darryl Sydor was traded today. The Pens swapped d-men with the Dallas Stars, getting Philippe Boucher in return. I've been kind of thinking this might be coming for a while now, since Sydor has spent more time on the healthy scratch list than on the ice. You just had to know that wasn't sitting well with him and/or there was something about Sydor that wasn't sitting well with Head Coach Michel Therrien. C'est la vie!

Welcome to Boucher and good luck to Sydor. (He's going to need it - he's now teammates with IFHSA™!)

Thanks to Friend of The Show Kellie D. for the link. :) Come back later this evening to see pictures from last night's destruction of the Sabres!!!

GO PENS!!!!!!!


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