Thursday, December 18, 2008

Pens v Thrashers (W 6-3)

WOW! I just have to share this with you: When I hit the New Post button, I saw that this post is TSCS's 900th!! :O

So the Pens face the Thrashers again tonight, which means Siddo and his best pal Colby Armstrong may or may not pick up where they left off last time. If you recall, they had at least two pushing and shoving incidents in their last matchup. Will they drop the gloves this time?? My guess is probably not. Either way...

Thanks go to Friend of The Show Jenna Z. for this photo. She went to last Saturday's game against the Flyers. She sent in several others which I'll post for you soon.

After missing 12 games, Flower returned with a vengeance! He looked as good or better than he ever has. He made some absolutely stunning saves tonight. And while I'm not doing a full recap of tonight's game, I'll leave you with this picture that Friend of The Show Susan B. sent me several weeks ago. She explained it to me:
Hey Jodie,
A while back, in the spring, one of your readers [snoop - It was good Friend Lexie101/Pens87Fan71] posted a picture of Fleury around playoff time -- the one where he looked really windblown. It reminded me of those "because I'm worth it" ads. I had fun photoshopping it. :D

He really is. :)

GO PENS!!!!!!!!!!

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