Sunday, March 15, 2009

Pens v Bruins

Sigh, well the results of yesterday's game were a bigger letdown than the Watchmen movie. (If you haven't seen it yet, trust me - take your $10 and get yourself a decent sandwich instead because the "movie" you made in your head when you read it is SO MUCH BETTER than what you'll get at the theater. There's a reason most of those actors were previously unknown.)

Anyhoo, we're facing the Boston Bruins today. This is the team that currently sits atop the Eastern Conference with their closest competitor coming in at 6 points behind. The Bruins are a full 19 points ahead of our Boys of Winter, but if you take a look at each team's record for the last 10 games, the Boys (7W-1L-2OTL) are doing considerably better than the Bruins (5W-4L-1OTL).

Flower is getting a well deserved day off today. Mathieu Garon will be between the pipes for us, and if I remember correctly, Errey said he'd be between the benches, which means we're bound to get a few laughs from that. Bibs is usually good for filling us in on the, um, "banter" between players as they leave the ice and go to their respective benches.

Okay, so we're now in 6th place. Our beloved team is plugging along slowly but steadily under the direction of Interim Head Coach Dan Bylsma (← man, that's a mouth full). Let's keep it up, Boys! Although, can I just say that winning 2 points in regulation would be a wonderful change of pace?! ;)

This is the last game the Pens will play before the game my husband and I will be attending on Tuesday - our 8th wedding anniversary!

LATE EDIT: Here is a shot of Siddo playing without his visor that I grabbed from my TV. He played about 5 minutes or so in the first period sans the guard for reasons unknown to me at this time. (Perhaps it was cracked and he needed a new one?)

GO PENS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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