Sunday, March 01, 2009

Pens v Stars

Today the only thing that will tear me away from TNT's all day Lord of The Rings trilogy marathon is this game. And it's finally almost time for Watchmen to make its debut. YAY!!! Yeah... I'll be nerding it up something fierce this week! :P

Anyhoo, how funny was it to hear the Head Coach refer to his team captain so formally? During the pregame show, FSN Pittsburgh reporter Dan Potash asked interim Head Coach Dan Bylsma about Tyler Kennedy (who left midgame against the Hawks feeling ill), Petr Sykora (who missed yesterday's practice due to a "nagging injury"), and our title man (who did practice yesterday). After telling us that TK and Syko would indeed be suiting up for today's game, Bylsma said, "Mr. Crosby skated this morning and he is improving but will not be in the lineup tonight." The key point is that he is improving. Good news.

Flower, who has 99 career wins, will be trying this afternoon for win number 100.


GO PENS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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