Saturday, June 06, 2009

Stanley Cup Finals Game 5: Pens v Red Wings (L 0-5)

Someone made a "Believe" pic for last year's run, and I liked it so much that I updated with this year's SCF logo:

I'm finally starting to feel better. I'm still coughing and my abs hurt like I've been working out with Gary Roberts, but I actually have a voice now. (You have no idea how bad it blows to watch a game and not be able to scream at the TV.) Best of all, Baylee is beating the odds and getting better, too! The vet really thought things were bad, like the worst kind of bad, but the "shot in the dark treatment" he suggested is working wonders. Bay's on steroids, and we put rugs down all over the house so he can get a good grip to help get himself up. He's even getting up and wandering around the house for no reason other than to wander again! :) So thank you all again for your positive vibes, well wishes, and prayers. They helped tremendously!

Here's Baylee enjoying the new area rug in our living room. When he did this, I KNEW he was beginning to feel better. :) His hair looks funny because it was shaved for an ultrasound.

First Period
Datsyuk returned for Game 5. The Pens looked terrific - at least they did right out of the gate. Geno, Tank, and Superstar in particular had an outstanding shift. The first whistle of the night didn't come until nearly halfway through the period when Kronwall was called for tripping Kuni. On the ensuing powerplay, the Wings cleared the puck from their own zone, and it hit the glass and took an unreal bounce on goal. Flower made a diving stick save to keep the game scoreless. The Wings held the Pens shotless in the powerplay, so they obviously didn't score.

Flower made a fabulous glove save on Franzen a little later. Any questions about whether Datsyuk is 100% or not were answered when he took Geno down with a big hit at the boards. A little later, he put the exclamation point on it when he took a long pass from Rafalski and set up Cleary for the only goal of the first period. [Pens 0, Wings 1] The crowd began a "FLEUR-y" chant with just under 5 minutes left in the first period. With less than 20 seconds left in the period, Zetterberg and Kuni got tied up on their way towards Osgood. They ended up crashing into the netminder, and the season's worst goaltender interference penalty was issued to Kuni. The Wings didn't score on their abbreviated power play.

Second Period
The Wings had fresh ice for the majority of the godawful Kunitz penalty, but they didn't score on the remainder of their advantage. But immediately as the penalty ended and the Pens were in the process of a change, Osgood sent a loooooong lead pass to Hossa, who sent the puck to Filppula for the goal. [Pens 0, Wings 2] Thus began the worst period for the Pens of this entire year. (Pay attention - you'll see a theme...)

Gonch was called for slashing Datsyuk's stick. It took only 19 seconds for Kronwall to score. [Pens 0, Wings 3] Then Geno took a stupid penalty for throwing an elbow into Franzen. There were less than 25 seconds left in the penalty when, off a faceoff win, Rafalski scored. [Pens 0, Wings 4] Kuni took a dumb penalty for roughing. With less than 15 seconds left in the Wings' advantage, Zetterberg scored. [Pens 0, Wings 5]

With the third PPG in a row, Head Coach Dan Bylsma decided it was time for a changing of the guard. Flower was pulled, and Garon was sent in for his first appearance of this postseason. A scrum in front of Osgood saw Zetterberg getting away with punching our Captain in the face. But on the very next play, Siddo was nailed for slashing Zetterberg in the leg. The crowd responded with a "CROSBY SUCKS!!" chant. Just 20 seconds into the penalty kill, Superstar was called for a slash of his own. The Wings were unable to score on their 2-man advantage, and as Siddo returned to the ice, the crowd started the not-so-clever "CROSBY SUCKS!!" chant again. The Wings didn't add to their stranglehold 5-zip lead, and the period ended.

Third Period
Honestly, does it even matter what happened in the third? This entire game was bloody awful. Dreadful. Horrible. And so on...

The Pens didn't score when Hossa went to the box. And in the last four minutes of the game, things were getting so heated that the refs didn't take any chances. They just started tossing guys. First, Dupuis got called for highsticking at the same time Adams was tossed for misconduct. Then, Geno lost his temper and took another stupid penalty this time for crosschecking at the same time Cooker, Superstar, and Lebda were all tossed for misconduct. Neither team added to their scores, and the Red Wings walked away with a shutout.

I don't even know where to begin about how bad this game was, what went wrong, and what needs to change. Besides, that's Dapper Dan's job. What I can tell you for sure is that the next two games are now MUST WIN games - and the Pens cannot win games from inside the box.

It's gonna be a battle for the ages, but I still think the Boys can do it.

Seriously. DO IT.

GO PENS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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