Thursday, October 08, 2009

Pens v Flyers (W 5-4)

Get ready for a BATTLE! >:) Hopefully last night's lackluster, undisciplined performance is fuel for the fire in the Boys' bellies to win tonight. But before the game starts, check out the screenshot that Friend of The Show Pippi Longstocking sent:
ESPN doesn't know what Sidney Crosby looks like ... I saw this on ESPN [after the Pens/Rangers game] and took snapshots directly from TV. Isn't it funny?

Click to enlarge

WTF?! I love TK, don't get me wrong, but he's no Sidney Crosby. Way to go, ESPN!


As expected, tempers flared right from the get go. Nine penalties were assessed in the first. Less than 10 second into the game, Briere took a penalty for hooking. On the ensuing power play, the crowd began an unprompted "CROSBY SUCKS!!" chant. Geno, while getting booed, fired a rifle shot from the blue line that may or may not have been deflected by Siddo for the goal. [Pens 1, Flyers 0]

Then Flower had to flop down on the puck to make a save. Just after that, Adams and LaPerriere dropped their gloves. I'm giving the slight edge to Adams because 1.) he basically body slammed LaPerriere to the ice, and 2.) well, I just plain hate the Flyers. ;) The music guy played that song that prompts the crowd to shout "CROSBY SUCKS!!" That happened about 1,000 times tonight. Geno took a highly questionable offensive hooking penalty. Siddo was out on the PK looking his usual beastly self. Flower shrugged a shot away. [More Crosby sucks music] Chaos in front of Flower didn't stop him from stealing one away from Carter. The Pens killed the penalty.

A slap shot from Sarge leveled Timmonen. Flower made another lying-down-on-the-puck save. Pronger made it his life's work to get as physical as possible with both Geno and Sid. [More Crosby sucks music - which I'm sure he didn't hear because he was distracted by the weight of his SHINY NEW RING] Geno's passes around guys to himself are nothing short of brilliant. Flower was in near-playoff form - except for when Briere was left unchallenged and able to get to the net to poke one home. [Pens 1, Flyers 1]

A mere 28 seconds later, Geno stole the puck, passed it to Gronk, who powered to the net for a beautiful top shelf goal. [Pens 2, Flyers 1]

The Saint and TK had a succession of good chances. Carle mistook his hockey gear for wrestling gear - he literally pinned Geno against the boards. Tanger, Tank, and Asham went over to get involved. After all the penalties were handed out, the Flyers had a power play that the Pens were able to kill. [Even more Crosby sucks music - don't you think that's getting old, Flyers fans? Really, you need something new.] Emery got a lucky break when, as he flopped about, he thrust his stick back to make a save on Siddo. A melee erupted at the end of the period.


Kuni took a penalty for tripping. Pronger fired a shot that broke Cooker's stick. In a defensive move, Cooker made a sliding block, but the puck slid right to Briere for the goal. [Pens 2, Flyers 2] Less than 10 seconds later, Siddo hit the post. A while later, the Flyers' 4th line began a change when they anticipated the puck was going deep... except the puck was turned over to Kuni at neutral ice. He sent a nice long pass to Guerin, who was wide open all alone behind the D, for the 5-hole goal. [Pens 3, Flyers 2]

Carle was called for hooking. With 32 seconds left on the PP, Geno was called for interference. With just a second left on the 4-on-4, Coburn put the puck in between Emery's legs - he put it in his own goal! Gogo got the unassisted credit. [Pens 4, Flyers 2] Siddo was called for tripping. The crowd obviously loved it. Errey remarked that the crowd's animosity only fires Siddo up. He stated, "Haha, haven't they figured it out yet? They'd be better off keeping it quiet." [More Crosby sucks music] On the penalty kill, Staal was called for slashing, giving the Flyers 1:29 with a two-man advantage. Richards to Carter = goal. [Pens 4, Flyers 3] The remainder was killed.


TK had an unreal shift that culminated in a beautiful goal. [Pens 5, Flyers 3] Carle went to the box, then Coburn tripped Geno which gave the Pens a 52 second 5-on-3. The Pens didn't score on their advantage. There was a row of spectators behind the Pens' bench wearing our Stanley Cup Champs gear with an added touch: a red circle with a slash through it. I hate the Flyers, but I'd never be stupid enough to spend my hard earned cash on a Flyers shirt for a joke. Briere is still the king of the Flyer fakers - he bought a penalty on Orpik that the Pens killed. It occurred to me at this point that it was more than halfway through the period and there was no instance of [Crosby sucks music].

With 1:46 left in the game, Emery was pulled in favor of the extra attacker. Flower's stick broke, so he was left using a player's stick, which gave Carter a chance to score. [Pens 5, Flyers 4] There were still 41 looooong seconds left to go. Less than 5 seconds left, D-bag Richards full-on plowed into Flower. All hell broke loose. Something strange happened to Tanger. He ran down the runway like he'd been lit on fire. Bylsma nearly stroked out as he summoned his captain to fetch the officials. As they replayed the fight between Tanger and professional jackass Hartnell, I said, "Did Hartnell maybe bite him?!" Seconds later, Steigy asked Errey that same question. (It is, as of publishing time, still unanswered because in the postgame interview, Tanger said that if the reporters wanted to know what happened, they'd "have to go ask him." Stay tuned...) More penalties were dolled out. There were just 1.2 seconds left - enough time to drop the puck and get in a little more fighting.

What's that, crowd? Who sucks? Your team does. PENS WIN!!!!!! WOOOOOOOOOO!!

Many thanks go out to Pippi for sending the screenshot. And one last thing - get well wishes go out to Stan Savran, who had successful quadruple bypass surgery yesterday.

GO PENS!!!!!!!

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