Thursday, October 01, 2009

Stanley + Lombardi + Roamers = Pure Awesomeness

Check. This. Out. I got an email from 1WingAngel this afternoon:
This morning Mayor Luke Ravenstahl and Dan Onorato displayed the Stanley Cup and Vince Lombardi trophy at the City-County Building Portico today from 8 AM to 12 PM. Of course Nicole and I, now living at Duquesne University, had to make the trip bright and early before classes! We walked down at about 7:45 AM and arrived a little after 8. We waited in line for maybe twenty minutes and I took a few photos of Nicole and our Roaming Trio with the Cup and that other shiny thing named after some Vince guy. ;) I've attached the photos; the last one is a close-up of the newly engraved Pens roster. It's a bit blurry because I took it from behind a rope barrier, but you can still make out quite a few names.
UNREAL. Our favorite little yarn buddies are just feet away from the Steel City trophies. :) I've included a version of the closeup with the Saint's name highlighted so you don't have to "find Waldo." Click the pictures to enlarge them. Enjoy!

You may notice a change in scenery here at The Show in the next couple of hours... Victorious Siddo was the winner! Thanks to all who voted. :) :) :) :) :)


GO PENS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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