Saturday, October 03, 2009

Banner Ceremony Fan Photos

You probably guessed that I haven't been keeping up with other Penguins blogs during my hiatus, either. Last night, I went back through two of my favorites and borrowed a few things for The Show.

From Empty Netters:

Seth posted a broken link to the Pens' media guide, which the Pens' website made available for download in PDF form. Here is the correct link if you're interested (it's pretty sweet):
[ Pens 2009-10 Media Guide ]


The guys found good photos of the Boys' new bling, in particular a great shot of Siddo flaunting his (a shot that is soon to be a part of the TSCS banner). They also featured a crystal clear shot of the Boys' names on the Cup. Enjoy!

Longtime good Friends of The Show 1WingAngel, Nicole G., and MamaG were lucky enough to be in attendance for last night's game. 1Wing sent me some photos of her photos from the banner ceremony:
Check out the pic of Geno greeting his teammates as he approaches his designated spot. He was the only player to do so; everyone else skated directly to their place. Just proves how team-oriented and wonderful Geno is!

Pens are 1-0-0. Our main man was the #1 star. Mario and Lord Stanley were in the Igloo. Do things get any better?

(Well, yes, if we win another Cup!)
Agreed. :) Click the images to enlarge them.


Many thanks to 1Wing for sharing her pictures with us! Tonight we'll be taking on the Islanders.

GO PENS!!!!!!!

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