Sunday, January 24, 2010

Pens v Flyers

The Pens are coming off a frustrating loss to one of their two main rivals to immediately face the other. After leading and/or matching the Caps for 42 minutes, the back-to-back goals just under a minute apart in the beginning of the third period put momentum squarely on the bad guys' side. The Pens of two months ago could have come back and beat them handily, but the rollercoaster "slump" we're going through right now seems to be something the Boys are still trying to shake.

Perhaps a need for vindication plus the fact that all the Penguin fathers will be present in-house will be the boost the Boys' need to get back on the winning track. The Pens' 4th annual Dad's Trip will see the Boys' fathers accompanying their sons to today's Flyers match and tomorrow's Rangers match.

Today's 12:30pm match is NBC's Game of The Week, so EVERYONE should get to enjoy it! :) I haven't yet decided if I'm going to watch it live or if I'm going to wait for woodstock to come home from work and watch it with him.

I'll refrain from the smack talk today because (1.) I'm TERRIBLE at it and (2.) it seems like when I use smack talk we lose, but when I just put out positive vibes for the Boys we win. So I think from now on I'm going with the "positive vibes" thing.


GO PENS!!!!!!!!!!!!

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