Thursday, January 14, 2010

Pens v Oilers

We've seen dozens... Scratch that, HUNDREDS of marriage proposals aimed at our title man, but none as hi-lar-i-ous as this one:

I am giving her extra creativity points for actually having the stones to wear a complete bridal ensemble to a professional sporting event that did NOT following an actual wedding. But I just have one question: Did she buy the dress especially for this stunt or did already have the dress - and if she did, does that mean she's already married?? Hmmmmm... Makes you wonder if perhaps there is a Mr. Crazy Bride at home steaming over this pic! :P

Friend of The Show Need Ice In Phoenix shared this video of Siddo hopping like a bunny right over Niklas Hagman during this past Pens v Leafs game in Toronto. The slo-mo replay sound effects cracked me up:

GM Ray Shero are going head to head Geno against one another (and Steelers QB Ben Roethlisberger, Pitt Tailback Dion Lewis, and Pitt football Coach Dave Wannstedt) for the Dapper Dan Sportsman of the Year award. Siddo is a two-time winner of the award, and while I love Geno, I think Shero - the genius behind the construction of our team - has MORE than earned my vote. The Pens have two plays nominated in the Best Play category: a pretty backhander from Geno during the Eastern Conference Finals against Carolina, and that beautiful last minute save from Flower on Lidstrom that led to the Stanley Cup Final Game 7 victory. The absolutely remarkable moment when Mario handed the Stanley Cup back to Sid is one of the nominees for and SHOULD be the hands down winner of the Best Sports Moment of 2009; although it's undoubtedly going to face a tough battle with the Steelers' record breaking sixth Super Bowl win. Cast your votes here.

Thank you is due to Need Ice In Phoenix for finding the video clip. We're facing the Oilers in Edmonton tonight. The projected lines as of right now are identical to last night's lines. Flower is the projected netminder; however, since the games are back-to-back, I wonder if maybe we'll see Johnson in goal. Either way, we're gonna get 'em.

GO PENS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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