Monday, October 18, 2010

Pens v Sens

I hope all of you had as nice a weekend as I had. :D On Friday I spent some time with my best friend and my Goddaughter and came home to watch a Pens victory on the DVR, and on Saturday I enjoyed an amazing date afternoon/night with woodstock and Siddo opened up a can leading the way to another Penguins win. :) Then on Sunday, the Steelers won, and we watched "How to Train Your Dragon." (We both agreed that Toothless SOOOO reminds us of Killian, haha!)

Tonight will mark Sergei Gonchar's first game in Pittsburgh since becoming a Senator. Sarge will most likely be defending against his former tenant, Geno. I believe he'll hit the ice at the CEC to cheers. After all, he was a key figure in securing the third Stanley Cup for this city. And it's not like he left under shady conditions - the salary cap was the major reason we weren't able to keep him.

Speaking of those back to back victories, backup goalie Brent Johnson was minding the net both times. Today's goaltender, according to Head Coach Dan Byslma, is a game-time decision. Whatever is happening with Flower, it is amazing that we have BJ here to take the reigns and go on a hot streak. And even more amazing that he accepts and is happy with his role on our team - "Flower's team" as he put it. (Read that article - you'll end up liking BJ even more.) Like Johnson, I have no doubt that goaltending coach Gilles Meloche will work with Flower and he'll return to form soon.

Now bring on those Senators! Despite the bad blood between the teams, I always enjoy seeing my first favorite player, Alexei Kovalev. :) But still...

GO PENS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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