Thursday, June 24, 2010

Congratulations, Siddo!

O Captain! Our Captain!

Sidney Crosby has won this year's Mark Messier Leadership Award. :) It is his first win for a season. Previously, Siddo won it for the month of January 2007. Old timer Chris Chelios was the first winner of the annual version of the award (also given in 2007). This was the award most of you wanted our title man to win because it is given to the "individual who leads by positive example through on-ice performance, motivation of team members, and a dedication to community activities and charitable causes." Yep, I'd say that fits our Siddo to a T!!!

But... he was shut out of any major NHL awards, other than his shared win of the Rocket Richard for goal scoring. From the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review:
Penguins center Sidney Crosby lost out on the Hart Trophy (MVP), Ted Lindsay Award (outstanding player) and a spot on the first NHL all-star team at the league awards tonight.

Crosby finished third in the Hart voting behind Washington's Alex Ovechkin and winner Henrik Sedin of Vancouver. Ovechkin won the Lindsay for a third straight season [snoop: *GAG!*], and Sedin was named first-team center.
Sedin = deserving. A-hOle™ = more like outstanding chokes-when-it-counts. But whatev. Sid doesn't need awards for us to appreciate what he has done for and what he means to this team.

Congratulations, Mr. Crosby. You've earned it. :)

On a personal note...

Thanks to all of you for being so understanding and especially for the well wishes as I work through my health issues. I love it that you're continuing to use The Friends' Zone to stay connected in the offseason.

For now I still have comment moderation turned on, but it's no longer because of Caps fan trolls. This time it's because The Show is getting spammed with some EXTRAORDINARILY vile links. Of course I haven't clicked any of the links to find out whether they're direct links to malware (probably) or links to what they say they are links to, but it doesn't matter. The words that are linked are disgusting and very offensive. Hopefully once they figure out I'm not going to allow that type of thing, maybe they'll go terrorize someone else and I'll be able to turn moderation off.

Luckily I have the Droid, so I can usually approve real comments within a few minutes of submission (unless I'm sleeping, haha!). So please keep the convos going and I'll be back to more regular activities here as soon as I can be.

PENS (and Sid) FANS ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!!

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