Monday, May 10, 2010

Round 2 Game 6: Pens v Habs

Okay, Friends! This could be it for the Canadiens. How delicious would it be to eliminate the Habs in their own house?! :D

I know, I know... I'm getting ahead of myself. All I really want is for the Pens to play their game for a full 60 minutes. If they do that, a victory is sure to follow. At the very least, we can rest assured that no matter what happens in Montreal tonight, our series will not end. But that's not good enough. Let's send these clowns packing and move on, already!

Repeat after me:
Get bodies in front of Halak. Get bodies in front of Halak. Get bodies in front of Halak.

So I figured if I'm officially going to call it, I should share this with you guys BEFORE the game. This morning I changed my Facebook status to the following:
Tonight is Sid's night. Four points. I'm calling it. GO PENS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Siddo, don't let me down! ;) All right, is it time to drop that puck yet?! Let's DO THIS!!!

GO PENS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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