Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Round 2 Game 3: Pens v Habs

Hear that, Boys? It's the alarm clock - time to WAKE UP!

First things first: Jordan Staal > everyone else. That dude is a BEAST. He skated today. Granted, it was only for 5 minutes and he wasn't wearing his equipment, but this comes only FOUR days after sustaining a lacerated tendon in his foot that was so bad it needed surgery. WOW. What a player! Maybe he'll be back sooner than we thought?? :D


The Pens that played Sunday afternoon were not the Pens that we need to win the Cup. Don't think I've lost perspective: One loss is not even close to cause for panic, but I think we can agree that ending a series as soon as possible (and as injury free as possible) is the goal.

Frustration city.

Our stick-breaking El Capitan grew exceedingly frustrated throughout Game 2. It was likely because he was being assaulted on nearly every shift by former teammate Hal Gill. Instead of turning that frustration into goals, Sid got angry. Not the good kind of angry he usually gets; the kind of angry that ended with his stick shattering on a goal post. As a result, he was held pointless. The "Halak-ness Monster" (← haha, Stan Savran!) stood on his head stopping 38 of 39 shots; Flower, on the other hand, only managed to stop 18 of 21 shots. Geno... Well, Geno's been quite unremarkable, especially for the reigning Conn Smythe winner. These things must improve. The Boys need to really BRING IT to win the game tonight and ultimately this series.

MOVE, you big tree! >:O

As an aside, I'd like to publicly complain about the officials' terrible inconsistency for (against?) both teams. I prefer when officials call a tight game; however, it doesn't bother me when the officials "let them play." What I do NOT like is when highsticking and holding violations that happen with a zebra standing less than a yard away are missed, yet a hooking call is assessed to a player that ever-so-lightly touches an opposing player with the tip of his blade. That freaking drives me crazy. Call 'em all or don't call any of them!

So, I guess it's now okay to crosscheck a guy and push him down after the whistle?

Anyhoo, we're at the Bell Center in Montreal for Games 3 and 4. Expect the home team's fans to boo Siddo mightily. (They don't yet realize it motivates him.)


Sid, I know you're superstitious and what not, but there's no doubt about it: your hat is gross.

GO PENS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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