Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Round 1 Game 1: Pens v Sens (L 4-5)

I can hardly believe it's time to defend the Stanley Cup already. It seems like just yesterday we watched Sid yell, "WHOOOOEEEEEEE!!!!!!!" like a little kid as the Commish handed him the Cup for the very first time. I'm ready to see how he reacts when he wins it for the second time, how about you? ;)

As soon as I publish this post, I am going to start packing up the car for the 2010 Playoff Road trip. I am hoping to be able to record the opening video for you again this year, and I plan to take as many pictures as I can without distracting myself from the game.

Back-to-back... Can you FEEL it???

Hmmm. I guess the Pens weren't feeling it... There seemed to be an on/off switch on the Pens last night. They were on for the first six minutes or so, but then they turned it off for the next 25 minutes - during which they incurred a two-goal deficit. By the time they turned it back on, they just couldn't manage to get the game tying goal. The series has just begun, so I don't yet see any reason to panic.

Funny (because no one got hurt) story for you: As I told you in The Friends' Zone, I almost ran over Dan Potash. This is what happened. We were sitting at the red light just down from the Mellon when woodstock made a funny face and said, "Is that Bylsma walking up there?!" I didn't think it was because I figured Bylsma could not walk without a huge crowd nearby (especially during playoff season) AND that he'd be in the arena with the Boys (it was 5pm), so we just dropped it and went back to waiting for the light to change. I was the first car at the light, so when it changed, the road was clear in front of me. I was driving at a normal (perhaps quick) speed, but I wasn't being reckless at all.

This is the free swag we got last night. The top one is the towel, the bottom one is the T-shirt. The quality is weak because I took these pics with my Droid. (The camera on the Droid is the only thing about it I don't like.)

So when a man in a nice dark suit wearing shiny shoes crossed the road ahead, there was plenty of room between us. He made it to the median strip without any problem, and he started walking on the strip towards us. And then he slipped. And he stumbled. And he wobbled. As he bent over to correct his balance, I hit the brakes. My car reached him only a fraction of a second after he regained his footing. I was commenting to my husband about what a clumsy idiot the guy was when I saw his face. Dan Potash's face. O_o Wow. If he would have fallen, I would have hit him. I wasn't going TOO fast, so he'd have survived, but I really think I would have hit him. Thank GOD things happened the way they did.

So that, and with the absence of Alexei Kovalev compounding the disappointment of the Pens' loss, it did not turn out to be the send off to the Mellon Arena that I had hoped it would be. Regardless, it was still a special night for us. Here are some of my photos and, as always, I did my best to capture the opening video shown on the ice for you. Enjoy!!! :)

The Consol Energy Center:

Pregame warmups:

I know this is blurry, but I thought it looked kind of cool anyways:

The Anthems (Canadian first, then American):

They had a solid tribute to Siddo's goal domination this season. Again, it's another blurry one, but it happened so quickly I didn't have a chance for a retake:

One of many scrums in front of the net:

They're using the Jaws theme before power plays:

I love how Sid is the only object in focus in this shot. I have NO idea how I did it:

A mural in the corridor (tip of the hat to the Mellon Arena employees who helped me get this shot unobstructed):

Another larger mural - this is the left half:

And here's the right half:

Farewell, Mellon (Civic) Arena. It has been fun.

Just an FYI: Life (for me) is a little hectic right now. I will not only miss posting for Game 2, but I will miss watching it live (I'm going to DVR it) because I have made a prior commitment to drive to Lancaster after work to pick up a family member and bring her back here. :( I made the plan months ago, and now there is NO WAY I can back out of it. But I will have a scheduled post ready to go so you guys can chat about the game. :)

GO PENS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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