Saturday, March 27, 2010

Pens v Flyers

The Boys are once again without the services of Geno and Gonch (most likely). Geno's foot is still giving him hell, and Head Coach Dan Bylsma said Gonch and goalie Johnson are "ill" - but Johnson is expected to be our backup today. For the Flyers, goalie Johan Backlund will make his NHL debut at Mellon Arena. Bylsma tried to get the scoop on Backlund from the WB/S Baby Pens, but they only faced Backlund once this year. It should be interesting to watch this unfold.

I've got a few things to keep you occupied until the puck drops. The Trib put together a piece about the recently complicated relationship between Pens Captain Siddo and Flyers captain Mike Richards. Note to Richards: The Olympics are over. You are once again the enemy.

On 3-14-10, the Pens squared off against the Tampa Bay Lightning in Florida. Friend of The Show Amanda N. was there:
I'm a Pens fan (born and raised in Pittsburgh) and a Sid fan. :-) I wanted to let you know I was at the game on Sunday. I currently live in Orlando and don't get home to Pittsburgh much, so I see the Pens in Florida when I can. I was right beside the bench and managed to get some great shots of the guys, particularly Sid. ... The slew-footing by Downie? [A reminder:]

So much worse in person! There was a collective holding of breath by all the Pens fans in the arena when he went down.
Amanda sent me 7 great pics of Siddo and the Boys. Click them all for supersized versions:

Thanks SO MUCH for sharing these great pics, Amanda! :)

If the standings don't change, the Pens (#2) will face the Flyers (#7) in Round 1. If the standings do change, this could very well be the last time the Pens meet the Flyers in the Mellon. Something tells me today's game is going to be a doozy.

GO PENS!!!!!!!!!!

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