Monday, March 15, 2010

Watch These...If You Dare

A pair of sickening cheap shots occurred in the NHL yesterday...

I personally have no desire to watch this again (it literally turns my stomach), but here is the video of Steve Downie's vicious take down of our title man:

Sid's thoughts about the incident:
"I was pretty scared.

... I don't think there's a need for his leg to go behind my knee like that... it's a little questionable," he said. "I was just lucky my toe wasn't actually caught on the ice. It was able to kind of get along and slide... (because) it was fresh ice."
Miraculously, Siddo was unhurt. In fact, he came out swinging... figuratively, of course! He was, for the remainder of the game, a man possessed. His beastliness continues to amaze me. Downie was assessed only a roughing minor for the granddaddy of all slew foots. Evidently because Siddo wasn't seriously hurt, Downie isn't being taken to task for deliberately trying to inflict a perilous injury on someone.

What. A. Player.

Downie is a guy that has been suspended more times than I can remember for incidents ranging from dangerous hits on fellow players to slashing a freaking linesman in the AHL. Once he even was ordered to get professional counseling after attacking a teammate during practice in juniors, but for some reason that defies logic, he keeps getting 3rd, 4th, etc. chances in all the hockey leagues, including the NHL. It's painfully clear that Downie has psychological and/or anger issues. It seems like the NHL is waiting until he ends someone's career (or worse...) until Colin Campbell finally says "Enough is enough" and expels him from the league. He's a real danger and the fact that he is still allowed to be in the NHL after all those incidents in his past is pathetic.

Siddo congratulates Flower on the win as Lecavalier skates away.

As if what happened to Sid was not bad enough, take a look at this hit from behind involving - wait for it - A-hOle™ on the Blackhawks' Brian Campbell. It resulted in the third game misconduct this year for the Capitals' reckless captain. Campbell's season is likely over; he suffered a broken collarbone and broken ribs after the vicious boarding. A major suspension should but probably won't be issued. Watch the video below and you'll see that Ovechkin clearly and deliberately shoves Campbell from behind as the two race towards the boards. It's a disgrace that THIS is who the Capitals deemed worthy of their captaincy:

The NHL is "reviewing" the incident. ← Click and read that article. A-hOle's™ comments about respect will make you literally laugh out loud. Anyone else would be suspended with no questions asked, but this is "Alex the Great" [*chokes*] we're talking about. I'll keep you posted.

Geno, unfortunately, sustained an injury in yesterday's match after his foot ended up being on the wrong end of a shot by Tanger. He's listed as day-to-day. Hopefully nothing is broken and he heals quickly. Fortunately he'll have today and tomorrow to rest up; the Pens don't play again until St. Patrick's Day (this Wednesday which also happens to be my wedding anniversary!) when they face the Devils again.

GO PENS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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