Sunday, February 28, 2010

Canada v USA - Olympic Gold Medal Match

Forgive me if I'm not inspired to write much about the big game today. Yesterday our oldest Greyhound, Link, had a stroke. His entire left side (even sight in his left eye) has been affected. He's at the animal hospital now, but he has made no improvement so far. They just started him on a steroid therapy this morning, but if there is no change by tomorrow, my husband and I are going to have to face an awful decision. I just can't believe this is happening again so soon.

Get well soon, my Link'n Log. PLEASE.

This was the matchup I wished for before the Olympics even began. I wanted Canada to win Gold and the USA to win silver. I'm pulling for Team Canada, but a Team USA win wouldn't devastate me. One thing is for sure: we now can call our title man a Stanley Cup Champion and an Olympic Medalist - even if we don't yet know what metal will be used to forge his medal.

GO TEAM CANADA!!!!!!!!!!!

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