Friday, February 19, 2010

Team Canada v Team Switzerland (W 3-2 SO)

Looking at this with a strictly objective view, that was bar none one of the best hockey games I've seen since the 2008 Winter Classic. It was an Olympic game played on a global stage; both teams gave everything they had; the alleged underdog came out swinging and not only put up a respectable fight, but nearly upset the sport's juggernaut (who also happens to be the host country) in the process; the game had to be decided in a shootout; and the game winning goal was scored by the league's biggest and brightest star.

Siddo and Iggy were wearing the A on their sweaters, and I think it messed up the mojo they had in the first game. :-P Head Coach Mike Babcock did a lot of line shuffling in an attempt to find a spark. But in the end, despite taking two unpenalized highsticks to the noggin (the first to the nose leaving it quite bloody, the second to the chin leaving a brush burn), our title man was able to lift his country's team to victory on his second shootout attempt. Following one final stop in a series of stellar blocks from the solid Marty Brodeur, Team Canada celebrated the W.

But now looking at this from the point of view of a Team Canada fan, that was WAY TOO CLOSE for comfort. All I can say now is that Sunday's big Team Canada v Team USA match is should be an interesting one - to say the least! Because Team Canada won in a shootout, they received only 2 points for their victory. So that means Team USA leads Group A with 6 points, and Team Canada is in second with 5 points. Team Switzerland's lone point came from forcing last night's game into overtime, and Team Norway still has no points.

In other news, Team Slovakia upset Team Russia in a shootout. With their victory, Team Slovakia now has two points. While Team Russia still leads Group B with 4 points, Team Czech Republic has 3 points and holds a game in hand. Team Latvia still has no points.

Group C standings: Teams Finland and Sweden are tied for first with 3 points each, and Teams Germany and Belarus still have no points.

Team Canada is going to have to be much better than this on Sunday if they want to get past Team USA. Make sure to tune in on Sunday at 7:40pm Eastern. I believe it will be shown on MSNBC, but don't quote me on that since I can't find that in print anywhere to verify it. I've been taking a LOT of heat for rooting against my country, but I'm going to say it anyways...

GO TEAM CANADA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sorry, folks - I want Sid to get GOLD to complement his SILVER! ;) WOOOOOO!!!

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