Saturday, February 06, 2010

Pens v Canadiens

I had planned to do an actual quality post for today's game, but now I'm heading outside to help woodstock dig out his car in hopes of getting it back on our own property. He worked second shift last night and didn't make it home until almost 1am. PennDOT was out plowing the main roads, but our road falls under the township's responsibility for snow removal. That jerk didn't show up for the first time until after 2am. Consequently, woodstock's car is just over a block and a half down the road resting in the spot we dug out in the wee hours of the morning along the side our neighbor's yard right where the incline begins. (It's a front wheel drive Chevy Cavalier, and the snow was almost as high as the hood of the car!) Plows have since come through, and now we must dig the car out so we can (HOPEFULLY) get it up the hill.

Wish us luck. ♣

While it is a major inconvenience, I am thankful to God that woodstock made the 25 mile journey home safely and without getting stuck any further away. I am also thankful for DVRs - I probably won't get to watch the game until tonight. :(

GO PENS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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