Thursday, February 18, 2010

Olympic Hockey Tonight! Canada v Switzerland

Team USA just toppled Team Norway 6-1, and for the first time since NHL players began participating in the Olympics, Team USA is 2-0 overall!!! Also, Pittsburgh native Ryan Malone scored another goal today! BUT... is Team USA good enough to beat Team Canada on Sunday? I've been closely watching both teams, and I remain unconvinced. Leave your thoughts about it in The Friends' Zone.

This solid wallpaper (click to enlarge) is available on Team Canada's website. I found it earlier today. Per our earlier discussion about jerseys: This wally made me feel MUCH better about the white ring around my own Team Canada #87 jersey. (For those who didn't realize, the ones Team Canada players wear for the games do not.)

Team Canada is back in action tonight against Team Switzerland at 7:30pm Eastern on CNBC. Siddo and Iggy are one seriously dynamic duo. (Dear Flames, can we talk about a trade? PLEASE???) It's really exciting to watch this team. It'll be interesting to see if Sid's sporting the A tonight. With this Canadian lineup, I expect another blowout.

Also playing tonight - LATE tonight - is Team Russia, who will be facing Team Slovakia. This game doesn't start until 12:00am Eastern, so I'll have to wait until tomorrow to watch this one on my DVR.


GO TEAM CANADA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

GO TEAM RUSSIA (*even though A-hOle™ is in the lineup) !!!!!!!!!

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