Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Pens v Lightning

The Red Baron got "fixed" yesterday. We're supposed to keep him calm for the next two weeks, if possible. At the very least, the doc wants him to be relaxed and inactive for 5 days. So last night, less than 8 hours after the surgery, Killian got his lambie and proceeded to throw it and run around the house as if nothing surgical at all had happened. :-O

The Boys are hosting the Tampa Bay Lightning tonight. Geno is still nursing his foot, and Gonch is still fighting strep throat. By now you've heard that Tanger signed an extension. It's good news that helps ease the mind about our defense's future (OY! Killian just got his lambie again...) in the event that Gonch, who is set to become a UFA, decides the grass may be greener elsewhere. Hopefully, Shero can work his magic again and keep Gonch on the roster.

There are just SIX games remaining in the regular season. I am going to make a serious effort have to recap the remaining 5 games to get back in form for the playoffs, but for now I have to go try to control my dog. It's going to be a tough set of days... :-/

GO PENS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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