Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Round 1 Game 4: Pens v Sens

Staal is officially in the running for the Frank Selke award for the best defensive forward!!! WOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!! What a player. Good luck, Gronk!

Now back to more pertinent issues...

Much Ado About Booing

In the last post, The Friends' Zone was abuzz with talk of the boo birds showering our title man with, well, boos. It surprised some because it's happening in Siddo's native land, being shouted by his fellow countrymen. The Canadians* seem to have turned on him rather quickly considering the heroics they bestowed upon him for the epic Olympic Gold Medal victory that was facilitated on the very blade of the Saint's stick. The question we have to ask is, "Why are they booing?"

Sid's UNBELIEVABLE Game 2 save

Hockey fans boo players for many reasons. With Sean Avery, he gets booed because he is loathed for being Sean Avery. With Jaromir Jagr, he gets booed because some fans still feel the sting of betrayal from words he spoke out of frustration. With Alexander Ovechkin, he gets booed probably because he has injured one of the opposing team's players. But with Sid, well, I still have difficulty answering that question satisfactorily.

I'd say it's because he's loathed, but I can't pinpoint a plausible reason. He's humble and "aw, shucks" likable. He's very involved in the community: He hand-delivers season tickets, his "Little Penguins" program provides free gear for kids as far away as Altoona, and he visits the Children's Hospital often with his teammates. Take this for example: There was a short video played before Game 3 (I tried in vain to find it) that showed Sid playing with a 9 to 11 year old (?) boy who appeared to have Down's Syndrome. There was music playing, so we couldn't hear what the child said to Sid, but Sid smiled broadly, and the child gave Sid a kiss on the cheek. It was very endearing, and I wonder how many 22 year old men would be mature enough to handle a situation like that.

I'd say it's because of something he said, but he refrains from badmouthing anyone in public - even going so far as politely brushing off scathing criticisms that come his way from the press or even some of his fellow NHLers. He's uncontroversial to the point of sometimes being vanilla. Personally, I like the bland, non-jackarse type, thank you very much. Oh, and save the "whiner" B.S. because he hasn't actually whined since his rookie year. NEWSFLASH! Talking to the ref is part of the Captain's job.

If the Captain doesn't stick up for his team, who will?

I'd say it's because he's a dirty player, but he's been in fewer fights than I can count on one hand, he's not one to make hits in the first place let alone devastating ones, and (contrary to popular belief) he has never been penalized for diving in his entire NHL career.

That last one bears repeating: Sid has never been penalized for diving in his entire NHL career.

I dive for PUCKS, suckas!

So, that leaves only one real reason left. Just as Wayne Gretzky was before him, Sid is vilified for being the best. As long as cloning him 29 more times is not an option, most hockey fans will not be Sid fans simply because he is not wearing their teams' sweaters. The Canadian glorification of him for the Olympics and immediate vilification of him for the playoffs is pretty much proof of that. The bottom line is that they're jealous he's ours.

But it's okay. Pens fans are quite familiar with what happens when Siddo gets starts getting booed excessively - the scoreboard starts lightin' up! Come to think of it, I hope the Sens' fans are in a booing kind of mood tonight. ;)

GO PENS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

*Disclaimer - Please know that I do not mean ALL Canadians. I know a LOT of Canadian Friends of The Show love Siddo as much as Pens fans do. :)

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