Wednesday, April 28, 2010

I'm a Habs Fan Today!

Disclaimer: These positive vibes I'm sending out Canadiens are part of a one-day-only special. ;)

After being down in the series 3-1, #8 Montreal is facing #1 Washington in D.C. for a Game 7 match up that could literally go either way. The Canadiens were able to bounce back and tie the series because of the out-freaking-standing goaltending by Jaroslav Halak. In the last two potentially last games for his team, Halak blocked an incredible 90 of 92 shots on goal. That's unreal.

Here's hoping he can steal just one more game for the Habs. :)

In honor of the big Game 7, I thought I'd post the song that Habs fans chant for their team. (Yes, I know other teams play this song as well, but other teams play "Sweet Caroline" and "Don't Stop Believing" as well, yet they are most often associated with the Rangers and the Red Wings respectively. So there you go.) And since most people don't know the original artist of this song, I went with their version over the many videos of Habs fans chanting that I could have used.

Enjoy "OLÉ" by a punk band from New Jersey called The Bouncing Souls:

Fun fact: Every single playoff series A-hOle™ has participated in thus far has been forced to a Game 7. One team advances; one trades their sticks for clubs.

GO HABS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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