Sunday, May 09, 2010

Round 2 Game 5: Pens v Habs (W 2-1)

Well, once again we dominated for the majority of the game, more so than the final score reflected. But this time the right team ended up with the W. :)

The USS Gill - or as woodstock has rechristened him: "Sid's blanket" - was sunk in the early part of the third period when he collided with a steamrolling Kuni, fell face down on the ice, and sustained a laceration to his leg as Kuni's skate came down on it. He's questionable for Game 6. He, as you know, is half of the defensive duo that's been all over Siddo like a cheap, um, suit. They have successfully prevented our title man from scoring even a single goal as they (Gill especially) get away with a lot more in this series than they ever could in the regular season. Apparently all's fair in playoff hockey. Even though we're the in the lead, it would be great if the Boys could find a way to take advantage of the fact that two guys are assigned to Siddo pretty much at all times when he's on the ice. I don't know about you, but I want this series to end in Montreal.

As for a perceived curse on Sid because he missed an empty netter, woodstock explained it well in what he shouted to the TV after the Versus commentators mentioned that Sid can't buy even a goal when there is no goaltender:
He was up against the wall, he had a guy right behind him, there were two seconds left on the clock, and he just scooped it off the wall and fired it down without aiming. His main concern was getting it in deeper away from the Habs... It was one of those, "If it goes in - great! But if not, we still win." type of situations.
Apologies for not posting yesterday. I thought I had scheduled one to publish automatically (I wanted to take the night off yesterday to watch the game with woodstock since it was the last game during his vacation), but I forgot to finish it. So instead, here are some shots from last night's victory:

Awww, what's wrong, Jacques??

We're leading the series 3-2 and since the fourth win is always the toughest one to get, be prepared for a war in Montreal tomorrow.

GO PENS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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