Thursday, October 06, 2005

Emotional Crosby Breaks the Ice

Shawna Richer, the appointed 'Stalker' from the Globe and Mail has a closer look at the kid and what he appeared to be feeling during his debut:

At various moments yesterday, Sidney Crosby's face wore every emotion a young man can possibly feel in all their varying degrees.

He was eager and excited, nervous and tense, anxious and awestruck, expectant and happy, aggressive and frustrated. It was the biggest day of his life so far, and now he can get on with a career in the National Hockey League.


Mr. Crosby's big day turned into a lousy night for the Penguins, who lost 5-1. But the rookie centre registered his first NHL point, an assist at 5:36 of the third period. He made a tidy pass to Mark Recchi from behind the goal. The winger scored, and Mr. Crosby pumped his fist and exclaimed: "Yeah!" But he seemed to mute his celebration because the team trailed so badly.

C'mon Sid, it's your first NHL assist. Don't be too afraid to show some emotion.

You can read the full article here.

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