Monday, March 06, 2006

Sidney and Team Canada

Sidney may have been snubbed for the Turin Olympics, but let's not forget that the World Championships are coming and Sidney Crosby could be a lynchpin for the squad.

From Lance Hornsby of the Toronto Sun:
As coach and co-recruiter for the Canadian side at the world championship in May in Latvia, Habscheid gets the first chance to restore the nation's wounded hockey pride -- with Sidney Crosby high on his list. You'd think Habscheid will be inundated with volunteers, especially those who failed to win a medal in Italy or thought they deserved to go.
Now, is Sidney interested in going?

Pat Brisson, Crosby's agent, sees no reason his client won't be in Latvia once his Pittsburgh Penguins finish the regular season on April 18 in Toronto.

"As long as he's healthy and if he is invited," Brisson said. "Sidney would like nothing more than to keep playing for Pittsburgh, because he has never missed the playoffs in his life, but he has played at the national level before."
Well, this would be the perfect time for Sidney to suit up for Team Canada once again. Not only would he be a shoo-in for the roster, but you know he'd be counted on to play a big role on the team and be counted on for some heavy offensive numbers.

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